Working mode

Our research method has several important factors that include the following:

Preliminary research

Following an activity and notification, Paranormal Society World decides to act. The volunteers of our team will make a thorough and highly documented report of the story with the client. The documentation in this phase of the research is the key because our entire research is based on the conclusions and information we collect. During the interview process we have with relevant people. In addition to incorporating customer progress, we also have knowledge of a number of other important factors:

We discuss all these data, location experience along with any historical research, to determine if further research is needed. Often during these preparatory meetings we find logical and explainable reasons for the activity. Situations leaving us in question with no logical explanation, we plan further research. An attempt to document the activity that occurs. In the event that we find evidence, our team of researchers will collect the research information found and will pass it on to the demonologist for further processing. After viewing all information we will return this to the customer.

Research preparation

In preparation for the research, the following points will be followed:

1.) All lights out.

2.) Disable (all forms) of wireless communication on location.

3.) Turn off all EMF producing devices or installations.

4.) Execute an external radio wave search and note the positions of electrical wires, transmission masts, and powerful devices.

5.) Close all open windows and record any ramming or loose window and door frames or floorboards.

6.) Set up audio / visual equipment. In strategic locations with a lot of attention to reflective surfaces, near and around the visual devices.

7.) Set up the IR camera.

The research

During the survey, our team of volunteers are spread across various locations in the property. Each researcher records and gives time stamps (in writing) to each activity. From the smallest movement and noise to all kinds of other activities. Personal feelings and thoughts are also included in the research because it can sometimes lead to important information. Each researcher wears a watch or brings a clock for the reason that it is perfect synchronization with the rest of the team and equipment. Silence is usually observed during most of the research process.

All equipment we use is set to our research method. Everything is filmed as much as possible for viewing later and reviewing some moments. To be able to work as cleanly as possible. To view and listen to the information after the survey takes a lot of time, so after a few weeks, a final report will be calculated.

In urgent cases we intervene in right there and then. This is done by a demonologist.

The results

All data we collect on an investigation will be reviewed and cataloged by our research team. The most important data and findings are then presented to the client in person. Although the evaluation of evidence may take some time, we can be confident in the fact that the data collected and presented is accurate, allowing the possibility that further discoveries about each situation in the future may be different or innovative.