Sacha 'The Reader'

I am Sacha, from the Flemish northern Kempen near Turnhout in Belgium. As a child I was fascinated by everything related to the paranormal and I felt that there is more than what we think at first sight.

Over the years, I have regularly experienced poltergeist activity in my parental home that always focused on me. As a result, my fascination has only increased and I have become more and more immersed in the subject of spirits.

When Gert offered me the chance to join his group, I did not doubt for a second. It is more fun not only to do research and it gives me the opportunity to learn a lot more.

My greatest strength in this matter is that I am highly sensitive. This makes me much more sensitive to the stimuli around me. I immediately feel it when something changes in my environment or when there are strange energies.