Natasja 'Iron Lady'

My name is Natasja, married and mother of three sons. Born and raised in Utrecht, currently living in Almere.

In my childhood, I had multiple experiences with the paranormal. Because my knowledge was very limited, there was nothing I could make of it. During the years, I allowed myself to be guided by the paranormal, but still there remained a lot of questions. Because i didn’t understand things well, I couldn’t properly communicate with the entities/energies that I ran into or visited me.

To get answers to my questions, I began a search for guidence by an expert and that’s how I got in contact with Gert J.

After following a lot of workshops and going to locations for paranormal researches, my understanding of the paranormal is now way beter and communication with entities/energies is going more smoothly now.

Nowadays it has become my passion because my understanding is so much bigger.

I continu learning, experiencing and developing myself.