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Kala Ojala was born and raised in Oregon, currently living in a rural country town. Growing up traveling with her adventurous grandparents, she was able to visit some of the most historical locations across the US. Mostly intrigued by abandoned towns, also known as “Ghost Towns”, Kala and her grandfather would curiously explore various abandoned mines and buildings left behind in the mountains and deserts, thriving to learn the history of every location.

Today, Kala is the founder of Crossroads Independent Paranormal Society. She is a Historical Researcher, Independent Consultant, and Paranormal Investigator. Kala has been interested and involved in the paranormal field for over 15 years. Due to many loved ones passing, she became more curious of the paranormal world and that opened her up to the possibilities of connecting with the other side. Kala's goals are to continue her research as a productive member of the paranormal community, adventuring out into the unknown, and researching and uncovering the hidden secrets that history has left behind.