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Sixth sense

Je bent de dirigent over jouw zesde zintuig 'Gert J. Brouwer'

You're the conductor of your sixth sense 'Gert J. Brouwer'

Bestuur | Board P.S.W.

Voorzitter | Chairman: Gert J.

Secretaris | Secretary: Simon

Penningmeester | treasurer: Gert J.

Member: Carol



Directie | Managing Board

Founder | Demonologist: Gert J.           

Co-Founder | Investigator: Natasja

Co-Founder |   


Carol 'Spækona'

Have two beautiful children in daily life and two in the "hereafter". Living in Apeldoorn.

As a motto: Coincidence does not exist. Who has not played a glass in the past or held a semi-séance by holding hands in a circle! In my teenage time also done! Soon noticed that more came to me than what I was ready for. At the time also very consciously closed and waited until the moment was ready. After many years of interest in the paranormal, to read about it, to talk and even to speak with a medium once, my interest increased. Time to be open again. After all, something felt around me so often that this was no longer a coincidence.

The death of my two daughters during pregnancy has me
made even more aware. Got a quiet feeling about me quickly, they often feel close to me.
I noticed that I was ready to learn and develop myself! But how? My person was still too busy with the many changes in my life. It made it happen
still lasted more than 20 years. Now it's time to go for it.

So-called coincidence I came in contact with Gert and his team Paranormal Society World.
It feels like a warm bath where you can say what you think without being condemned.
What convinced me to join Paranormal Society World? It is a group of friends, like-minded, inquisitive but also funny ordinary people.

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Paranormal Society World

'Vertrouwen is het vermogen het ontzichtbare te zien en het ongelooflijke te geloven.

Daardoor is P.S.W. in staat u de oplossing aan te bieden waarvan de massa denkt het onmogelijk is!'

'Confidence is the ability to see the invisible and to believe the unbelievable.

Therefore, P.S.W. can offer you the solution that the mass thinks is impossible!'


Breda, Noord Brabant

The Netherlands

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