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Bestuur | Board T.A.O.E.A.D.

(The Association Of Exorcism And Demonology)

Voorzitter | Chairman: Gert J.

Secretaris | Secretary: Simon

Penningmeester | treasurer: Gert J.

Member: Tess

Bestuur | Board P.S.W.

Voorzitter | Chairman: Gert J.

Secretaris | Secretary: Simon

Penningmeester | treasurer: Gert J.

Member: Iris

Member: Tess



Directie | Managing Board

Founder | Demonologist: Gert J.           

Co-Founder | Assistant-Demonologist: Tess

Co-Founder | Investigator: Simon   


Three different hauntings:

There are three different types of hauntings you can face. Every situation is unique in its way. Every situation has to be handled differently.

The first haunting is a situation where repetition is the driving force. It's like a movie that is repeated every time. For example, a spirit with a traumatic experience that has been held in its trauma. The spirit remains in a visual circle, not knowing that the experience is repeated repeatedly. It is a residual energy, usually this energy does not affect humans.

The second is the intelligent haunting. These spirits are fully aware of their surroundings and of you. Usually they are in your home to be at home (they see it as their place). They are unhappy because someone else is living there. They often have an emotional relationship with someone or something that belongs to your home. They can send a message before they move on, or they can not accept that they no longer live. Whatever the reason for this, they know they exist and generally don’t want to leave. They can connect with living people.

The third type of haunting is an inhumane form of spirits. These are generally seen as a poltergeist form. Poltergeist hauntings are the types of hauntings that most people are familiar with. The energy tends to move objects, make sound sounds, hit doors, play entities / people, even produce voices and appear in all sorts of shapes. Most ghost forms in this category usually go towards a person and play them in different ways. Research has shown that they mostly focus on teens, but this may also be different. The person who is being played is usually unconscious about manifesting this energy. It is common for this to happen after a very tragic or shocking event, but there have also been cases where there were no emotional problems.

Inhumane hauntings is also a category of a more frightening energy form called the demon. These cases are rare, but be aware. They are very dangerous. In general, a demon can manifest itself everywhere. Often people do not know that they are unconsciously played by this energy form. With the inhuman form always call in het help of a demonologist or exorcist.

*** Please note that this is not written to scare someone, it is for information purposes only. Also to understand what paranormal activities mean.


EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. An EVP is a mysterious event in which the human sounding voice of an unknown source is heard from the afterlife. They are usually recorded with a kind of recorder such as a cassette recorder or a digital voice recorder. In general, the sounds will not be heard during an EVP session. But after listening to the recordings, voices / sounds may come up that were not heard during the session. Reactions in an EVP can be an answer to a question, or they can just have something to report. Usually an EVP will consist of a word, a short sentence or just other vocal sounds. ITC stands for Instrumental Trance Communication. ITC corresponds in very broad lines to EVP. Only ITC happens in visual form, so from the definition of EVP and the observation of inexplicable events in visual form.

Paranormal: The paranormal is a general term (conceived about 1915-1920), an experience beyond the scope of a normal experience or scientific statement, phenomena beyond our consciousness and the current ability of science (to explain or measure ). A medium or paragnost can communicate with energy forms that are not visible or touchable to others.


Infrared defines infrared radiation. In paranormal research, they are used in a dark situation. Mostly by cameras with infrared LEDs, which turn on when it gets to dark. The cameras try to capture inexplicable events (such as energy manifestations). I.R. is an electromagnetic radiation having a wavelength of between 0.7 and 300 microns, which amounts to a frequency range between about 1 and 430 THz.

The name means under red, the latin infra means "below". Red is the color of the longest wavelength of visible light. Infrared light has a longer wavelength (and therefor a lower frequency) than that of red light visible to humans, so you get the literal meaning of less than red.

A cold spot, (hot spot, the warm version) is a term used to describe an inexplicable area of ​​localized cold or a sudden drop in temperature.

In the paranormal, cold (hot) spots are a sign of paranormal activity. The theory is that a spirit uses energy to manifest itself, creating a cold (warm) place. A cold place does not prove the existence of a spirit. As there are many rational explanations for cold places such as draft, openings, open windows and or appliances and other items in a house that can have an effect on the temperature. If all of these factors can be excluded, the cold (hot) place in question can be a sign of paranormal activity.

In theory, researchers believe that cold spots can be used to help prove a paranormal presence.


Matrixing is a native tendency to recognize patterns in random observations.

In principle, the brain is in some way familiar with images or sounds. Your brain may perceive forms that may not exist. It's all about the processing of your brain and how these things are percepted. Sometimes a spirit can be seen on a picture, because of the imagination of the brain we can see something in it. Perhaps it's actually nothing or maybe so. We usually go back to a location to check if it's imagination or reality.

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