Paranormal Society World

'Society for demonology , para- psychology and paranormal phenomena'

'Congratulations Gert Brouwer with your Paraforce Award Paranormal Researcher 2016'

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Paranormal Society World specializes in paranormal phenoma of all sorts. Internally we train people to be a paranormal researcher. Externally we offer trainings and workshops. Within Paranormal Society World there are specialists in paranormal phenomena. In our team we have a demonologist and exorcist present, so we always will be able to offer the right solution to our costumer!



Paranormal Society World researches from a psychisch, paranormal, technical en historic point of view. The information that is found, will be debunkt by specialised teammembers from Paranormal Society World.

"We search for indisputable evidence to one of life’s biggest questions! Is there life after death?"



Every investigation we enter into with an open mind, because most claims can be explained by a non-paranormal cause. We wil try to debunk and counter everything we find. If there really is a paranormal phenomena, we will try to gather indisputable evidence. The entire research is done by vollunteers, who are internally trained and educaded and who have an immense passion for this.


If you are intrested in joining our team, please contact us!

Paranormal Society World also gives lectures and workshops!


Team Paranormal Society World